The Balancing Laws of Yin & Yang - The Two Sides of the Story for Valentine's Day

Posted on February 07 2014

This is the first year we have Web presence as FIORI Oakville for Valentine’s Day and I reluctantly accepted my wife’s suggestion to have a red rose theme for the occasion.

Surprisingly, she claims not to be a red rose lover herself but requested a specific variety of red roses in her bridal bouquet. Isn't this ironic? (If in doubt check her post on Weddings and Anniversaries)

As a florist I am a colour advocate. For me the more contrast and variety of flowers the better. I also know that colour is subjective and it has different meaning to different people.


So following the balancing laws of Yin and Yang we decided to have the two sides of the story available in our website.

As we were selecting the flowers that would be available for online ordering (which by the way is just a sneak peak of what we carry in our store) I couldn’t help but staring at a picture of a bouquet of red and pink roses being delivered by a hotel porter. To me that bouquet screams I LOVE YOU. That just proves I am like most guys, very passionate and very visual.

On the other hand, our most pinned Valentine’s picture on Pinterest is a spectacular arrangement of Osiana roses (one lady posted it on her board called: “I Want”).

Just so you know, Osiana is one of the most fragrant rose varieties. If the image is so powerful, imagine the effect five-dozen scented roses would create!. Realizing how connected scent and flowers are, we introduced our Lavender  'Ultimate Love Collection"


When it comes to love just listen to your heart and let the flowers deliver your own message. If you can’t find it online give us a call and we will customize it for you. Just don’t wait until the day before to do it.


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