A Small Thing for a Big Lesson

Posted on April 14 2014

Every year our daughter's kindergarden class invites parents to do a presentation about their jobs. Since we had already volunteered last year when she was in JK we figured mum would do the presentation and Dad would take care of the store given that the dates were so close to Easter and he anticipated to be busy. But that didn't sit too well with our five-year old daughter for whom daddy is "the real florist" and mummy just "sits in front of the computer" as she takes care of the back office administration.
Realizing how important it was we made an extra effort. Daddy was there for her and we got more than a big smile in exchange!. We got the opportunity once again to see our jobs though the kids' eyes. When asked why they thought florists were important in our community, those children quickly responded: "Because flowers are beautiful", "Because we give them to people when they are sick or sad", "Because they smell nice", "Because we give them to people to tell them we love them".
Now more than ever we are proud of what we do and we are happy that we are able to recognize what is important in life.

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