Father's Day Tip from a Family Man

Posted on June 15 2013

What most fathers crave is quality time with family and friends. Aside from that, let’s face, it is all about the food, the gadgets, the tools and anything with wheels (not necessary in that order). So honor this inner craving by keeping it simple! 

A couple of burgundy peonies sitting casually in a bottle near the grilling area will surely make a powerful statement and will let dad know how much you appreciate his grilling skills (just make sure it is not in his way).

When setting the dinner table remember all he wants is to enjoy a perfectly cooked steak. A set of three individual anthuriums will do the trick and will stand a warmer weather if you are entertaining outdoors. 

Regardless of who is cooking the meal, do not compromise on the quality of the food. As much as I pride myself of being a “good BBQ guy,” I am not a magician. If there is one thing that could ruin my Father’s day is a disappointed crowd after I had told them all about my grilling techniques!

Bill, at Just An Olde Fashion Butchery & Seafood and Kevin at Cobs Bread Lakeshore would sure be on my shopping list.

After you have gone through this checklist all there is left to do is let the Man of the House RELAX!

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