A Word on Weddings and Anniversaries from the Flower Man’s Wife

Posted on June 19 2016


 “Every flower has a sacred encrypted message. The way you decode that message and pass it on will speak YOUR language”

Let me start by saying I did not see my wedding flowers until the day of our wedding. Having met in the flower industry I was specific about certain flowers and colors but Tony would not let me give any opinion or suggestion. At first I was upset. I should have a say on my own wedding! The result, however was a complete shock. It was as if he had read my personality and he had put all the traces in every centerpiece he made. At least that’s how I felt. He was talking to me through the flowers and although he would never say it like this, he was describing what he saw in me through the personality of the flowers he picked and the way he arranged them!. He told me that he loved me every time he dropped rose petals along the path we would later walk together even though I didn’t know about it until I saw the pictures of him doing it!


 Our case was unique. In most cases the bride picks the wedding flowers and the husband picks them on the anniversary day from then on!

Whether you are preparing for your big day or celebrating the years together close your eyes for a second and let the flowers speak the universal language of love that is encrypted in them.

“Flowers are the way God tells us He loves us”




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