Celebrating years of Flower Presence Downtown Oakville

Posted on April 01 2015


When Tony and his brothers opened their boutique flower store Downtown Oakville ten years ago, they knew they had a big challenge ahead of them. Not only were they in one of Canada's most picturesque and visited downtown strips, they were now servicing one of the most complex and varied markets they had ever approached.

The formula was simple: "Fresh, Flower, Markets" with a modern and stylish twist. Soon the store would become a "Go to" destination Downtown Oakville.
Tony relocated a few doors down in the Spring of 2013 to focus on the growing needs of his Oakville clientele, and on April 1st opened the doors as FIORI Oakville. 
April Fools' Day turned out to be a reason to celebrate! Since that day we have been working on strengthening our relationships with our customers and, thanks to a fantastic team, we are providing a whole new experience that goes beyond a purchase. 

Canadian Painter Rick Taylor above adding to his Floral Gallery, many of which have been inspired by our window displays. In turn, Rick's paintings have been a source of inspiration to name our online Flower Collections. Rick's Small Joys above and FIORI Oakville's here

Website and social media setup by KiwibCreative

Today we use our social media outlets and online tools to connect with faraway markets and individuals who share our passion for flowers!

We thank all the people who, in one way or another, have contributed to these wonderful years of flowers as we embark our THIRD YEAR OF FIORI Oakville!