A Florist Perspective of Valentine's Day

Posted on February 08 2017

Having been in the flower industry for so long, we have gone through all the stages of love and anticipation for this "Day" (always thought it should be "week" or "weekend" at least!).

It is not a matter of size or colour, It is the message what really matters!

Valentine's Day should be approached as any other day of the year. After all, love is not restricted to just one day!

But as a florist, it wouldn't be fair to treat Valentine's like any other day without giving credit to the thousands of people who make it happen starting with the growers!

It would take at least 10 blogs to fully explain the "madness" that takes place in the entire flower world for the occasion but here are some facts that would make you love even more your Valentine's Day flowers


Sometime in December, rose plants get pruned and scheduled in a way that they will produce for Valentine's DAY at least ten times their regular number of blooms (that's 10 TIMES! - imagine if any other living creature was put through that!) and all blooms are expected to grow in perfect conditions (no marks, no defected stems, beautiful round petals, bright colours, deep reds... and the list of perfections goes on).


This should be enough to give you a different perspective, but it doesn't stop there! What about the tens of thousands of people who work in the post-harvest, the logistics, the distribution and the creative aspects (including us florists) making sure the cold chain is meticulously maintained through the half dozen transportation means and through all kinds of climates (here in Canada there is always a threat of a snow or ice storm in February) - all of us working extra shifts to make sure that the beautifully arranged flowers are delivered on time and impeccably wrapped. Suffice to say this process takes place every day of the year but the pressure here is that we are talking "millions" of flowers that need to be sold ONE DAY, on the exact date!.

 We have come to terms with all these! We have learned that Valentine's Day is not about what we give or say! LOVE is about WHAT WE DO and FEEL! But more than anything,