Administrative Professionals Day Flowers & Gifts for 2024

Administrative Professionals' Day, marked on April 24, 2024, is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the workplace. It's a day set aside to honor the invaluable contributions of secretaries, receptionists, HR professionals, and all who keep the office gears turning smoothly.

At FIORI Oakville, we understand the significance of this day and offer a range of plants and orchids that make perfect desk gifts, reflecting our best sellers and your appreciation.

Administrative Professionals Day/Secretaries Day History

Originally celebrated as Secretaries Day, Administrative Professionals Day was established in 1952 to acknowledge the critical role secretaries played in the business world.

Over time, as the range of roles within offices expanded and diversified, the holiday evolved to include the vast array of administrative positions that support businesses and organizations.

Today, Administrative Professionals Day honors the hard work, dedication, and versatility of all administrative staff, reflecting the broader spectrum of roles that are fundamental to modern business operations.

FIORI Oakville's Administrative Professionals' Day Gifts

To show gratitude for their everyday dedication, what better way than with a lasting gift from our collections? Here are some top floral gift ideas for Administrative Professionals' Day:

Exquisite Orchids to Gift


FIORI Oakville's Best Sellers


  • Beyond the Gloss - Mix: A handcrafted arrangement of assorted seasonal flowers, complemented by lush fillers and greens, presented in our exclusive containers.
  • White Beyond the Gloss - Signature Size: This monochromatic arrangement, featuring seasonal focal flowers and greens, exudes elegance in our exclusive white ceramic containers.
  • Monet Garden - Signature Size: A best-selling arrangement in pastel tones, perfect for any occasion, delivered in our exclusive ceramic containers.

Spring Bulb Garden Highlight


  • Promise of Spring - Bulb Garden: An array of spring bulbs in a round glass planter, topped with organic moss and twigs, unravels the vibrant colors and scents of spring, serving as a reminder of growth and renewal.

On Administrative Professionals' Day, let's extend our heartfelt thanks with gifts that resonate with respect, admiration, and gratitude.

Visit FIORI Oakville to select the perfect plant or orchid, or order online for delivery in Oakville, Burlington, and selected Mississauga areas.

Let's make this day memorable for those who dedicate themselves to supporting and uplifting our daily work life.

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