Celebrating New Beginnings: Spring & Easter Flowers

Easter symbolizes a celebration of rebirth. It's in these early months of spring, between March and April, that nature begins to unfold her beauty, presenting the first blush of blooming flowers. This season, with the canvas of bright and pastel colors and the fresh fragrance of all blooming plants, calls us. It invites us to be alive to the hope of new beginnings with immense possibilities.

Explore FIORI Oakville's Spring Collection for Easter

Tulips & Hyacinths: The Quintessential Spring Flowers

These beautiful cut bulbs available in both pastel and vibrant shades, capture the splendor and playfulness of spring. Their appearance heralds the season's arrival, bringing joy to any setting.

Rainbow Tulip & Primavera Collective Bouquets: Joy and Playfulness

A magnificent bouquet of everything Spring. Fragrant Hyacinths and the finest colourful tulips arranged and delivered in our unique wrapping from FIORI Oakville 

Experience the eternal promise of spring and new beginnings with our spring bouquets: Rainbow Tulip Collective, and Primavera and  Grand Primavera Collectives - magnificent bouquets arranged and delivered in our unique wrapping. Aside from the colourful tulips, the Primaveras also showcase refreshingly fragrant hyacinths to add a joyful presence to the Easter celebration. 

Flower Arrangements for Easter - Rustic Modern Simplicity


Introducing our Tuscan farmhouse pitchers filled with assorted vibrant and pastel tulips anticipating spring or a combination of yellow and white tulips symbolizing the traditional Easter Eggs.

Also new this year are our unique white containers filled with gorgeous tulips and hyacinths in pastel tones and adorned with delightful fussy pussy willow branches.

The pitchers and the containers serve double duty as a beautiful keepsake to hold future flower arrangements as well as a unique water pitcher for spring gatherings such as late morning or early afternoon tea parties or the Easter table. 


Our Spring Joy floral arrangement is crisp, fresh, lively and easy like Sunday morning, this colourful arrangement celebrates the joy of life. These spring seasonal flowers are arranged and delivered in our exclusive containers.

Spring Gardens and Planters

Promise of Spring


An assortment of spring bulbs in a trendy glass planter, topped with organic moss and twigs. Watch the Daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and muscari in this beautiful indoor bulb garden bloom and reveal the colours, the scents and the eternal promise of spring. Potted daffodils paired with tulips charming planter.

Easter at FIORI Oakville

Easter at FIORI Oakville is a celebration of life's perpetual cycle of renewal. As we welcome the signs of new beginnings, let our selection of Easter flowers remind you of the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Explore our spring collection online and let the vibrant colors and scents of our arrangements fill your home with the joy of the season.

Celebrate the bright days ahead with our beautiful Easter flowers, now available for delivery in Oakville, Burlington, and selected Mississauga areas.

A wide selection of spring branches, potted plants, bulb gardens and spring planters is also available in our flower shop Downtown Oakville.

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