FIORI Oakville's Peony Festival: Celebrate the Beauty of Peonies

FIORI Oakville’s annual Peony Festival is happening now! Visit our beautiful flower store in Downtown Oakville or order online for delivery in Oakville, Burlington, and selected Mississauga areas. Our Peony Festival takes place every year showcasing the most stunning locally grown peony flowers available. It usually happens after Victoria Day long weekend until the middle of July but it varies depending on seasonal weather conditions.

The Meaning of Peony Flowers

Peonies symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage. They are often associated with romance and compassion, making them a perfect choice for various celebrations and occasions. Whether you're expressing love, gratitude, or congratulations, peonies convey deep sentiments with their lush, full blooms and delightful fragrance.

Peony Flowers Near Me: A Local Favourite

If you are a peony lover (or know someone who is), check out our Late Spring - Early Summer Flower Collection.

From the end of May to the middle of July, we offer peonies in various forms to suit every taste and occasion. During the festival, we offer peonies in bunches, bouquets, and arrangements, including bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, dance recitals, proms, and graduations. 

Whether you're looking for a simple bouquet or a more elaborate arrangement, FIORI Oakville has the perfect peony flowers for you. Our offerings include:



A mix of luscious peonies delivered in our exclusive pink container. This arrangement is specially crafted with the peony lover in mind, offering a luxurious and elegant display.

Pink Peony Bouquet

A stunning bouquet of pink peonies presented in FIORI Oakville's signature style. These beautiful blooms are perfect for any occasion and are sure to impress with their vibrant color and classic elegance.

Toscana Farmhouse Peony Pitcher

Our exclusive handmade white Tuscan farmhouse pitcher filled with an assortment of gorgeous peonies and filler flowers. The pitcher serves double duty as a beautiful keepsake to hold future flower arrangements and as a unique water pitcher for gatherings and celebrations.

Celebrate the Peony Festival with FIORI Oakville

 Celebrate the beauty of peonies and the joy they bring with FIORI Oakville's Annual Peony Festival. Every year, from the end of May until the middle of July, our flower shop Downtown Oakville becomes a "Peony Heaven" filled with the most delightful and fragrant locally grown peonies.


 Don't miss your chance to get your little piece of heaven and make this spring and summer unforgettable with the exquisite charm of peony flowers.

Tips for Making Peonies Last Longer

Want to keep your peonies fresh and vibrant? Check out our tips for making peonies last longer to ensure you get the most out of these beautiful blooms. From proper cutting techniques to ideal storage conditions, we’ve got you covered.

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