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Go To Post     YOUR HOME - YOUR PRIVATE RETREAT!✨ ☕️🌸- . If we are to “stay home” why not make it an enjoyable experience?! Fresh flowers and a fresh cup of coffee or tea are a good idea anytime of the day, any day of the week!


But if you want to take it to a whole new level head over to @staciedwards profile and be prepared to be amazed with a “whole house” transformation project!!!. In her most recent blog Staci shows you how she can help you create the house of your dreams.

Check the strategically placed flower arrangements and greenery and how much they elevate each one of the new spaces!!! - our Signature White Beyond the Gloss, smaller white flower posies and fresh Eucalyptus branches and greenery are featured throughout the house! -  (interior designers have such an eye for the best spots for flowers and plants )

Here is a little teaser of the fabulous kitchen in Staci’s project and head over to her website Staci Edwards Design to see all the “Before & After” photographed by the talented @stephanibuchmanphoto 📸✨