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Logevy Firenze

Arancio Cannella - Orange Cinnamon - Room Spray

Arancio Cannella - Orange Cinnamon - Room Spray

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A spicy and citrus fragrance which is expressed in all its elegance. The lively and delicate note of orange accompanies the pleasant cinnamon.

Mood: Energizing
Family: Spicy & Fruity
Suitable for: Bedroom - Kitchen - Living Room

HEAD NOTES: Orange, Mandarin, Bergamot
HEART NOTES: Cinnamon Flower, White Lily, Peach
BASE NOTES: Vanilla Pod, Musk

The Home Fragrance Spray instantly transforms your environment into a luxurious, fresh, and inviting sanctuary that inspires & awakens the senses. The Room Spray diffuses just the right amount to release the notes of your favorite fragrance. Now available at your Oakville Flower Shop!

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